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Each year, NHK broadcasts one hour drama about historically famous person.
This year, Sanada Nobushige, known as Sanada Yukimura is the main character.
The name of the drama is “Sanada-maru”; it’s something like “Fort Sanada”



The stronghold was around Sanko Shrine, near JR and Subway "Tamatsukuri" Stations.

Sanada Yukimura was on Toyotomi side.
Toyotomi completely lost in the Osaka Summer War in 1615. Tokugawa won and Tokogawa Family’s era continued until 1868.
He is admired as a hero.

This is Sanada Yukimura.


Because of the drama, many people from all over Japan are visiting this shrine.

It is said that this used to be a secret tunnel to Osaka Castle.


It says this year, on November 6th, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m, there is ”Sanada Festival" Usually it is held on the first Sunday of November, but this year is special

Cherry blossoms in Osaka have just started to bloom.




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"The Force Awakes" of STAR WARS series is coming on December 18th.
Every Star Wars fan in the world seems to be waiting for the day, and so does in Japan.

Between Kansai Airport and Namba Station of Nankai Railway, special STAR WARS Express trains are running until May 8th, 2016.

What do you think?





Inside, too!
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Christmas Illumination of Namba Parks has started.

It has been delightful except the year of 2012


The Christmas Tree this year is called “Fairy Tree”.


It changes colors.



On the south side, there is a waterfall image of illumination.


It gets dark all of a sudden.


In the dark, it starts to snow!!!

There is a good spot ready for your photo.


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Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine right after the sunset.

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I take local trains of Nankai Main Line from Namba Station at least twice a week.

Locan train means it stops at every station.

Nankai Main Line, in Japanese, Nakai Honsen has Kansai Airport Station, and there are many tourists using this line.

It’s easy to go to the city from the airport, but it seems it is not easy to get back to the airport.


I am sometimes asked by a tourist whether or not this train goes to Kansai Airport, in a local train at Namba Station where I am not supposed to meet the people who are heading for the airport.

From Namba Station,

Only the trains whose destination is Kansai Airport go to Kansai Airport.
There are many destistinations. You have to choose the one which says “Kansai Airport”.

Do not take the train which does not say “Kansai Airport”.

Yeah, English letters are so small.


There are 3 kinds of Airport lines:

1.Rapid: super express train. It takes about 40 minutes to the airport.
You have to pay additional 510 yen, but it is very comfortable and there is space for luggage. If you have a lot of luggage, you should take this one.
It leaves from Platform Number 9


2.Express train. It takes about 50 minutes.
It starts at Platform Number 5 or 6.
Take the train which says "Kansai Airport"

3.Local train. It take about 90 minutes.
It leaves from platform number 7 or 8. Local trains leaves right next to the Platform for Rapid, so many people get confused that this one would go to the airport.
Some of them do, but others don’t.

Time Table


Have a nice trip when you come to Osaka!!!
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Early Summer in Gion, Kyoto

Hanami-koji Area of Gion, Kyoto is the town where there are many highly-ranked Japanese traditional style restaurants.

Only a certain number of group of people enjoy there with the entertainers called Maiko (younger), or Geiko (older).

These exclusive places usually don’t welcome first time visitors.

In the day time, there are many tourists walking.


At night time, you may encounter real Maiko-sans.

Definitely, there are more taxis than people.


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New Hankai Tramway Route Map

I have written about Hankai Tramway a lot, and a lot of people accessed to the map I have remade for the people who can't read Japanese.

I have noticed that Hankai Tramway developed their website and they have bilingual route map!!!
↓  ↓  ↓
Hankai Tramway Route Map

If you clidk the station's name, you can get the time table of the station you choose.

A lot of things have changed.

The fare is 210 yen.
For one day pass, Teku Teku Kippu, it's still the same 600 yen.

The station's name "Minamikasumi-cho" changed to "Shin Imamiya Ekimae Station."

You can go from Tennoji to Sakai directly now, which was not available in the past.


(Abeno Harukas at night)

Anyway, it has got more convenient!!!!
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