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Next to Abiko Kannon Temple

Looks like somewhere in Kyoto, but it is in Osaka City.


I guess this is the property of Abiko Kannon Temple.

The apartment building makse the photo the one taken in Osaka.


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Yuki Saryo has moved to the first floor (the ground floor) of Namba City South Building in 2016.

It’s very healthy and convenient. I like organic food, but it is hard to find in the southern part of Osaka.

Yuki Saryo by Solviva, (有機茶寮 by Solviva) offers Japanese fast food, such as brown-rice balls, soup, curry and rice ( if you considered it’s Japanese), and some desserts and soft drinks. which is on the second floor in Namba City.

My favorite menu is this.

It’s called “Mampuku-jiru Teishoku”. It’s the combo of miso soup with vegetable, mainly roots, two brown-rice balls. You can choose two kinds. If you are a vegan, choose the ones such as walnut, plum, and so on. At the counter, there is English explanation for the ingredients of brown-ice balls.

When the weather is nice, you can eat outside.

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