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Yesterday morning, when I walked along Midosuji Avenue, I saw the floats of the parade waiting on the bridge over the Dotonbori River.

And you can see a lot of people with bamboo boughs like him especially in Namba Area.

Yes, from January 9 to 11, Ebessan Fastival was held in Osaka.

Ebessan (Yebisu-san) is one of the deities, who provides prosperity.
Osaka is a merchants’ city so a lot of merchants pray for prosperity during this period.

On the way back home from Shinsaibashi, because I go through Namba area, I dropped by Imamiya Yebisu Shrine.

Wow! Look at this crowds on the way to the shrine!

After I reached the gate, a lot more crowds were waiting for praying.

You can get a bamboo bough for free after you pray, and you buy charms, or ornaments to hang on the boughs in the shrine. Next year, you have to return it and get a new one.

What does Ebessan look like?

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