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Nanamagari Street in Hikone City


In Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, there is a street called “Nanamagari”, which means a street with 7 bending points.

Hikone is an old castle town, and roads and streets are made to prevent enemies accessing to the castle. That is why there are still many bending and winding roads and streets in old castle towns in Japan, this street's shape remains almost the same as it used to be in Edo Era.

This Nanamagari Street is known as Family Buddhist Alters’ place.

There are shops which sells Buddhist alters and many of them have their own factories which last for a long time.

(Buddhist alter and Hikonyans)

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As I’ve been telling you, it’s hot. It’s very hot. The temperature goes up to about 37 degrees every day.

But when it comes to festival, people get energetic.

There was a parade of Sumiyoshi Festival on August 1.


Children are so powerful.

And this is the famous Sumiyoshi Odori, the dancing originated at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine and Temple about 1300 years ago.

On the same day, at the night of August 1, there is PL fireworks in Tondabayashi-City in southern part of Osaka prefecture every year.

I saw this from the secret place in Osaka City.
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