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Ohmi Merchants' Town, Gokasho

I introduced Ito Chubei’s house in Toyosato Town in Shiga Prefecture before. Ito Chubei was an Ohmi merchant who founded a big corporation, Ito-Chu Corporation.

There is a town called Gokasho on the east side of Lake Biwa in Shiga. From this town, a lot of Ohmi Merchants spread to all over Japan in Edo Period, and made good business.

I like Ohmi Merchants Policy. Their policy is that business should be good to themselves, their clients, and their society. They were not greedy..... like... you know.

There are old Ohimi Merchants housed remained in the town of Gokasho. I want to spend more time here next time.

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Snow in Shiga Prefecture

I haven't uploaded this blog for a long time.
Yeah, I've been busy and tried to adjust to my new schedule and work location.
But what I needed to do was organizing my mind and thoughts.

Well, I went to Shiga Prefecture yesterday. It was a holiday in Japan.
It's been very cold winter, and even in Osaka, it is still cold in late March.
We didn't have snow this time, however.

In Shiga, where there is a lot of snow, of course, there is snow remained on the mountains.

Lake Biwa and Hira Mountains taken at Ohtsu

Mt. Ibuki taken at southern part of Hikone
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