Hi! I'm Miyuki, a Japanese woman from Osaka, Japan. This blog is mainly about the introduction of places, events, and various stuff in southern part of Osaka City, Osaka, Kansai, and Japan

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Autumn in Mandai Pond Park



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Solar Eclipse


Well, it was a cloudy day.
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On my way to work, there is a small shrine, and there is a small pond there. Irises are beautiful in May.

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry trees are everywhere, even in a small park in my neighborhood. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in April.


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Yesterday, February 3 was a holiday, but not as a big holiday as other National holidays, because students have to go to school, and companies and stores are open, unless it’s Sunday.

People throw beans saying, “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi”, means, demons out, good luck in, and eat the number on beans of our age.

According to the TV program yesterday, nobody knows the real origin of Setsubun, but it may be the new year event of China, and came in the 8th century.

Throwing beans is well-known, but the enjoyable event is food! We eat Eho-maki, a roll of sushi. While eating Eho-maki, we should not utter a word. We have to face a certain designated direction, which changes every year. This year’s direction was north-northeast.

We also have grilled sardine on this day.

Of course, it’s a very superstitious event, but people of all ages, from children to elderly people enjoy this event every year.


(Photo: Eho-maki from a Sushi restaurant. Every sushi restraunt, supermarket, department store, and even convenience store thrives with ehomaki on the day of Setusbun.)


(Photo: Grilled sardine from a fish store)
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New Year Celebration

Here are two pictures of typical New Year celebration at Japanese houses in Osaka.

This is at the gate of the huge house near my office. Some people put “Kadomatsu” , decoration of miniature pine and bamboo trees on both sides of the gate for good luck.

Many “Shimekazari”s, a decoration of sacred straw rope (according to a dictionary) with a kind of orange are seen at the doors of Japanese houses during New Year holidays. Shimekazari is also for bringing good luck.

These are from Shinto religion, but generally, many people do these things as custom these days.
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I need to update the pictures of cherry blossoms before April ends!

There is Mandai Ike (pond) near my office. A lot of people come here to enjoy eating, drinking, barbequeing night and day when cherry blossoms are blooming these years.

It is not a big place, but there come many people to this quiet place.


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Autumn Leaves in Takarazuka

Takarazuka, where I work once a week is in a mountain area, north of Osaka and Kobe area. (In the center of Takarazuka City, there is a famous female musical group called "Takarazuka Kageki-dan".)

As it is a little colder than in Osaka, the leaves are more red and more yellow than in Osaka City.

These pictures were taken in the last week of November.




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Mandai Pond

There is Mandai-Ike, or Mandai Pond near my work place. My high school is also near here, and I used to run around this pond when I was a high school student.

Some people say this is some emperor's tomb of two thousand years ago, but it is still a mystery. Some people say big snakes live here and this place is full of mysteies and legends.

Now this is a popular place for walking and jogging.

It was very green in early summer,



but it was like this about two weeks ago.

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