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I took a video of the band of three girls, "Stafy".
Due to a technical reason, the video was cut in the middle, and this is the only vidio I can show.


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There was Tezukayama Music Festival on May 29 and 30. I went see in my lunch break on Saturday, May 29. On both days, the weather was excellent.

There were three stages at Mandaiike Park.

At the entrance stage, the band of three girls “Stafy” was performing. They were good!

At the main stage, beautiful Chinese exercise style dancing was being performed.

At the unplugged stage, Andes music was performed by Yamato & Amigos. They brought peaceful Andes atmosphere.

And….. behind the crowd, There was International students’ caligraphy performance...


There were a lot more good performances. If you had two entire days to spare, you would have not been bored at all.

To be continued.
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Next to Asazawa Shrine, there is “Ohtoshi Shrine”. This shrine is for promoting the harvest, promoting business persons’ money collecting, prosperity, and safe and happy families.


I see a lot of visitors these days. Recently, I have seen this shrine several times on local TV programs. It was introduced as a “Power Spot” as well as Sumiyoshi Shrine. Acturally these two small shrines are considered parts of Sumiyoshi Shrine.

There are the stones called “Omokaru Ishi” Omokaru means heavy and light, and “ishi means stone. Omokaru ishi means a heavy and light stone and it doesn't make a sense

Here is how Omokaru Ishi functions. Hold one stone making a wish. If you feel the stone light, your wish will come true. If you feel the stone heavy, your wish won’t come true.


I tried. It was.......LIGHT!!!!

Why don’t you come and try?

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Just outside of Sumiyoshi Shrine, there are two small shrines side by side.

One of them is called “Asazawa-sha”, and Benten, a goddess for prosperity, entertainment, and beauty is enshrined.



There must have been a lot of musicians, dancers, beauticians, geishas and many other women worshiped here.

Men worship too.

Now is the time for irises.

They are in full bloom.

There are many kinds of irises, like Hanashobu, Ayame, and Kakitsubata. The iris here is Kakitsubata. Kakitsubata is a symbol flower of Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City.

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On the window of every store in Tezukayama area, you see a pink poster now.


What is it about?

It is about annual 24th Tezukayama Music Festival.

The festival will be in Mandai Ike Park which you can see a lot in my blog, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on May 29, Saturday, and May 30, Sunday, 2010.

There will be three stages in the park and admission is free.

If you want to listen to professional bands, the lives houses around Tezukayama have live concerts. If you want to buy tickets and know the details, visit the website http://www.tezukayama.com/ongakusai/

Come to Mandai Ike (or Bandai Ike) Park! It’s going to fun!

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Sakai City, next to Osaka City, is in Osaka Prefecture.

The history is very long. Above all, in the 15th and 16th century, it was very international and very prosperous.

Sen no Rikyu(1522~1591), a founder of Tea Ceremony was born and lived in Sakai in those days.

There is a special exhibition from May 20, Thursday, to May 24, Monday in 2010, 10:00am to 4:00p.m..(Nanshuji Temple is open from 9:00 am) at places which have strong relation to Sen no Rikyu.

You can see treasures of Sen no Rikyu and treasures of those days, which are not open to the public in regular time, at the site of Sen no Rikyu’ house, Myokokuji Temple, Nanshuji Temple, and Daianji Temple.

Except for the site of Sen no Rikyu’s house, the admission fee is 400 yen at Myokokuji, Nanjuju, and Daianji. You can get multiple tickets for 1000 yen which are available at these three temples.

On May 20, 21, and 24, you will be served tea for additional 400 yen at Nanshuji Temple.

On May 22 and 23, you will be served tea for additional 400 yen at Myokokuji Temple.

Hankai Tram is convenient for these places. You can get a One Day Pass called Teku Teku Kippu!


Hankai Tram has different atmosphere in Sakai City.

Red Star--- Nanshuji Temple
Yellow Star ---- Daianji Temple
Green Star --- The Site of Sen no Rikyu' house
Purple Star --- Myokokuji Temple
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Tezukayama Barrow

Get off at Tezukayama 3-chome station of Hankai Uemachi Line, and walk to the west for a few minutes. Soon after you go across Nankai Koya Line, you will reach this tumulus.

This tomb was built in 6th century. It is said that Ootomo no Kanemura was buried. Ootomo family supported the emperors in those days.

It looks like a woods on a hill.

Unfortunately, like most of other ancient tombs, you can’t go inside.

So I zoomed in.

This is one of three ancient tombs in Osaka City, and is surrounded by rich, quaint, and quiet atmosphere of big and luxurious houses.

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Island of Mandai Ike

There are three small islands on Mandai Pond. The bridge leads to one of the islands.

I went there for the first time, and found a small shrine which says “Furuike Jinja” which means old pond shrine. There is a legend that Shotoku Taishi(571?~622) who supported the Empress at that time, defeated the dragon at this pond. Maybe it has something to do with this small shrine, or maybe not.


You can see turtles too!

To go to Mandai Ike Park, get off at Tezukayama 3-chome Station of Hankai Uemachi Line. Go to the east. It is about three minutes walk from the station.

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In general, Japanese like cherry blossoms. People get happy when they just see cherry blossoms. Mandai(or Bandai) Ike Park is famous for beautiful cherry blossoms.

This is how people want to do under the cherry blossoms. It is a big event of the year. Cherry blossoms are the reason.

At night, even in the chilly weather, some people eat and drink under the cherry trees. I missed the pictures of the night.
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Japanese Magnolias

Japanese Magnolias are called "Mokuren".

White ones:

Red purple ones:


Each flower is smaller than the American ones.
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