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Mandai-ike Pond are surrounded by cherry trees.
People used to enjoy barbecue when the blossoms blooming until recently, but now barbecuing is prohibited.


Yet a lot of local people enjoy the cherry blossoms here at the pond.

There are only a few trees whose blossoms are in bloom, but most of them will bloom fully in a few days.


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Next to Abiko Kannon Temple

Looks like somewhere in Kyoto, but it is in Osaka City.


I guess this is the property of Abiko Kannon Temple.

The apartment building makse the photo the one taken in Osaka.


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Snow in Osaka


It was very snowy in Osaka today, as well as in Tokyo. Tokyo has more snow today.
Big cities like Tokyo, and Osaka have trouble especially with transportation when it snows. We are not used to snow.

In the weather like this, Hankai tram was out of service almost all day today....

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New Model of Hankai Tramway

Today, I saw a new model of Hankai Tramway at Abikomichi Station .
It will run from the 25th of August, 5 times a day, between Abikomichi Station in Sumiyoshi Ward in Osaka City and Hamadera Ekimae Station in Sakai City.

Looks nice!

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Cherry Blossoms, 2013

I think today is the most beautiful day to see cherry blossoms in Osaka.

At a local park

At another local park

Usually, peach blossoms bloom earlier, but this year, they bloom just a little bit earlier than cherry blossoms. So we can enjoy both of them at the same time this year.

At Ohyosami Shrine near subway Abiko Station

And on the street

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Osaka City University

Looks like southern California, doesn’t it?

Actually, this is Osaka City University located in Sumiyoshi-ku in Osaka City.

There used to be several public universities in Osaka City, but this is only the public university proudly remained in Osaka City. Other universities moved to suburban areas.

It is still during the summer vacation, so there are not so many students now.


It’s quite a big school. I sometimes go there to use the library. If you are an Osaka Citizen, or if you work in Osaka city and you have an official ID for that, you can get a library card for 2,000 yen. They have huge amount of books.

The tall building is their library.

They have school festival from November 1st to 4th.

If you are interested in OCU, go to the website

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Not so far from Abiko Station of subway Midosuji Line, there is OhYosami Shrine.

This shrine is very old, as old as Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, and started probably around 1800 years ago.

This monument shows that there used to be a beautiful pond.

It is not so well-known, but there are beautiful cherry blossoms along its approach.

There is going to be a spring festival at this shrine on April 16.

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Abiko Kannon Temple for New Year


Most Japanese go to shrines for new year, but some people go to temples.

For example, in Osaka City, there is a Buddhist temple called "Abiko Annon".

This is the oldest Kannon Temple in Japan, and it is said Prince Shotoku started this temple.

There is a big festival on February 3, the day of Setsubun here at Abiko Kannon.

(People offer sticks of incense)

This temple get more exciting on February 3!

Abiko Kannon Temple is 3 or 4 minute walk from Abiko Station of Subway Midosuji Line, 7 or 8 minute walk from Abiko-cho Station of JR Hanwa Line.
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A Happy New Year!

The new year has just started.

Most Japanese go to shrines on a new year’s day, the second or the third of January.
I write a lot about Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine on this blog, so many of you would think I go to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.

Well, I used to, but these days, I don’t feel like going into that crowd. There are so many people coming from all over Osaka, or from all over Kansai, or even from outside of Kansai area every year at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine for new year.

So, I went to the local shrine, Wakamatsu Shrine.

It is much less crowded, and I can feel the good old days at a smaller shrine.

Luckily, I could see their dance ritual.

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It has got so-o-o-o-o cold today.

Here is a picture that I took this Tuesday in a small community park, before it got so cold.
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