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Ohmiwa Shrine


These pictures were taken at the end of September.
That was the time when I had to go to Kashihara. Kashihara and Ohmiwa Shrine are not so far each other.

Even though I had only one hour including lunch time where I had somen, a kind of noodle, and it’s the specialty of Miwa area, I went to Ohmiwa Shrine.

This is the lunch I had. It’s the restaurant right next to Ohmiwa Shrine.

This shrine is famous for its “power spot” where people seek the spiritual power.

As for me, the power spot means the place where I can feel closer to God.

And I think this shrine has that kind of atmosphere.
The Mt. Miwa is called “Goshintai” which means the deity itself, and the god’s mountain. Sorry, I didn’t take the picture of the mountain.

If you have read my blog for a long time, you may know I believe early Shitoism has something to do with some Middle Eastern belief and early Christianity (not Nestorian), so this is definitely one of the places where people has felt closer to God.

There are three toriis (gates), but you need to ask the shrine to do so.
I didn’t have enough time, so I couldn’t take the picture of them this time.

The existence of the three toriis is said, “mysterious”. I wonder why nobody wants to explain.

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New Year's Day

How was your new year's day? New Year is very important for Japanese. Poeple go to shrine wishing good luck for the new year.

I took these picutres in Kashihara Shrine in Nara on New Year's Day. Traditionally, people used to wear kimonos, but few people do these days.






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Kashihara Shrine

One day in October, I went to Kashihara Shrine with my sister. Kashihara Jingu (Kashihara Shrine) is in Nara prefecture, next to Osaka. The firts emperor in Japan, Jinmu Tennno (711 B.C. ?- 585 B.C ?) is enshrined. The Emperor of Meiji, Mutsuhito, built this shrine in 1890, where there is Jinmu Tenno's tomb.

Wash your hands at the entrance of every shine in Japan....




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