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Abe Oji Jinja (Abe Oji Shrine)


Yatagarasu has another plan.

Although Japan lost on PK against Paragway, victory is prepared in a different way. In any way, it was the greatest match I’d ever watched.


Abe Oji Shrine, or Abeno Oji Shrine, where Yatagarasu is enshrined, is on Kumano Road.


“Oji” used to be a rest area who pilgrimaged to Kumano Sanzan, Kumano’s main three shrines in Wakayama Prefecture. There used to be 99 Oji’s, but only one, only Abe Oji Shrine is remained in Osaka Prefecture. There are 15 or 16 remained in Wakayama Prefecture.

(Kumano Road in Abeno Area)

Abe Oji Shrine is a few minute walk from Higashi Tengachaya Station of Hankai Uemachi Line.

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Do you get excited about World Cup soccer (or football in BE) matches? There is going to be a match with Paraguay at 11:00 p.m. in Japan time tonight. I am a little nervous now.

Anyway, have you seen the mark of Japanese team?

It is designed Yatagarasu. It is the legendary crow which has three legs. It is the messenger from Heaven, and it helped and guided Emperor Jimmu, the 1st emperor (711BC ~ 585BC, estimated).

Yatagarasu is enshrined in Kumano Hongu Taisha in Wakayama Prefecture.

In Osaka, Emperor Nintoku (313 AD ~ 399 AD) was told to enshrine Yatagarasu in Abeno in his dream according to the website of Abe Oji Shrine. Since then, Yatagarasu has been enshrine here at Abe Oji Shrine in Osaka City.

Next to the main shrine,

can you see a small shrine?

There is the statue of Yatagarasu and here, Yatagarasu is enshrined.

Abe Oji Shirne is on Kumano Road. It is a few minute walk from Higashi Tengachaya Station of Hankai Uemachi Line. I am going to write more about Abe Oji Shrine next time.

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Observatory of Sakai City Hall

There are many Ancient Tombs in Sakai City. and there is the world largest Ancient Tomb. However, it looks just like a forest when you are near it.

You can see how big it is from the observatory of Sakai City Hall.

It is on the 21st floor ( the top floor of the taller building), open every day from 9:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m., and admission free. It is located near Sakai Higashi Station of Nankai Koya Line.


You can see the world larget tomb of Emperor Nintoku.


This is the tomb of Emperor Hanzei, which I already showed you.


Can you see tall buildings in the distance in the City of Osaka?


You can see Osaka Bay.

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Hankai Line connects southern part of Osaka City and northern part of Sakai City. Financial problems of Sakai City part arise and there is a dispute whether the line of Sakai City part should be terminated or not. 

Of course, there would be many people in trouble if that kind of thing happen.

It has about a hundred year history. Of course, people don’t want to lose such a precious heritage in Sakai City.

I've found this flyer.

It’s about the second civil cleaning campaign at Oshoji, and Shukuin Stations of Hankai Line to show the people in charge that we want Hankai Line to be preserved.

It also says Philippine Consulate cooperates for this event.

Here’s the details:

Date and Time : May 9, Sunday, 2010 Starting at 10:00 a.m.
Meeting Place: In front of Kiyo Bank, Sakai Branch., across from Oshoji Station
Equipment will be provided.

What you will do is painting the stations or cleaning and weeding if you join this campaign.

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Illumination in Midosuji Avenue

Osaka Governor Hashimoto asked people to donate for illumination in Midosuji Avenue, called “Osaka Illumination”. Since the economy in Osaka is very bad, he says he wants Osaka and the people in Osaka to be brighten up by the illumination of the main street of Osaka, Midosuji Avenue during the winter time.

But look at these pictures!


I don’t oppose the idea, but the design is terrible! There are just bunch of straight lines. I want more decent style of illumination for trees from next year.
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Tennnoji Hoop is making efforts to make this area new attraction during Christmas season.

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I work mostly from the afternoon, but twice a week, I teach in the morning. When I work in the morning, I usually bring lunch and eat alone in the office.

But sometimes it's good to go outside and eat outside even by myself.

This soba restaurant is very good!

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Osaka Illumination Festival

I went to Osaka Illumination Festival in Nakanoshima, Osaka. It’s called “Osaka Hikari no Renaissance”.

Nakanoshima is downtown, Osaka. There is Osaka City Hall, and some old Western style buildings are well preserved. This is a picture of Bank of Japan.

I read the newspaper article about this festival, and I wondered what it was like.

There is a big Christmas tree called “The World Linking Tree” in front of City Hall, which was sent from Norway.

Here is a video of “Nakanoshima Illumination Street” with Gloria Estephan’s music. This kind of show is presented every 30 minutes between 5:00pm and 9:00.

This festival is held until the Christmas day, December 25. Most Japanese people perceive Christmas as an opportunity for an exciting party, or a romantic date rather than a religious event.

According to the newspaper, there seem to be silent and peaceful “attractions” other than this flashy one. For your information, I uploaded the maps.


①Silent Night Sand Fantasy
②Marche de lumier
④West Light Park Illumination
⑤“The Tale of Genji Illumination” presented by Osaka Art Institute
⑥The World Linking Tree
⑦Nakanoshima Illumination Street
⑧Wall Tapestry
⑨Reverside Park
⑩Immumination Jewlry
⑪Touch the Light
⑫Ecola(?) Ornament
⑬Starlight Illumination
⑭Cristal Arch
⑮River Light Curtain
(I just changed most of them from Katakana form to English words)

You can also go to this website: http://www.hikari-renaissance.com/mt/
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It is nice to have lunch at a nice restaurant, sometimes. One day, I ate lunch at "Sasagawa" in Tennoji Hoop with a friend of mine.

This is an art of Japanese food!

As an appetizer....

Main Dish


And dessert.

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Street Car

Oops!!! November...... It's been a lo-o-o-o-ng time since I updated this blog last. Summer has gone and fall has already come. It's a little too warm for November weather though.

Here are a couple of pictures I've taken these four months. Of course, there will be more.


Street cars are running near my work place. It's very convenient!!!


This is one of street car "stations".
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