Hi! I'm Miyuki, a Japanese woman from Osaka, Japan. This blog is mainly about the introduction of places, events, and various stuff in southern part of Osaka City, Osaka, Kansai, and Japan

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カテゴリ:Osaka City -Abeno( 30 )

Sumiyoshi was a town of Southern Court in 14th century. In Southern Part of Abeno-ku bordering Sumiyoshi-ku, there is a town named “Kitabatake”.

I think Kitabatake is the most sophisticated residential area in Osaka City now. It is on Uemachi Plateau, and I think the slopes make the landscape and gorgeous houses more sophisticated.

Kitabatake is the family name whose members were court nobles.

There is Abeno Shrine in Kitabatake.

Kitabatake Chikafusa and and his son, Kitabatake Akiie are enshrined. They served Southern Court Emperors Go-Daigo and Go-Murakami diligently when they were against Northern Court.

Abeno Shrine is a new shrine which was founded in 1875 after Meiji Restoration, as commemoration of the service to get the power back.

There is a garden. It was closed on this day, so I peeked.

Next to Abeno Shrine, there is Hataage Inari Shrine. It is like petit Fushimi Inari.

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Some people like making unique stuff. Maybe, the person who lives in this house is one of them. He or she makes stuff and even exhibits in front of the house to amuse people.

It says these robots are made from plastic bottles.

Look like they are from anime, but I am not sure. Could original.
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This road which runs from west to east is a border line between Tennoji-ku and Abeno-ku. On Tennoji-ku side, there is JR Tennoji Station.

On Abeno-ku side, there is Kintetsu Department Store, and newly-built “Abeno Q’s Mall” which just opend on April 26th..


"109" is a famous fashion place in Shibuya, Tokyo. Now it's in Abeno, mainly for teenagers.

It is spacious, but it looks like a major shopping mall in America.

The good thing is there are a lot of places to take a rest.

There is a lo-o-o-ng line in front of a donut store. Is it so good? I will try….someday.

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Sakura at dusk

Where there is Seimeigaoka Chuo Park, there used to be some rich person's mansion. There is such atmospehre remaind somehow.

Here are cherry blossoms at dusk. "Cherry blossms" is "sakura", in Japanese.

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Tennnoji Area is going to CHANGE

I’ve been telling the change in Umeda-JR Osaka Station area a lot.

But the change in Tennoji area is going to be much much bigger.

In Osaka City, there’re supposed to be three major shopping and entertainment areas: Umeda-JR Osaka Station area (we call it “Kita”), Namba-Shinsaibashi Area (we call it “Minami”, and Tennoji area.

You know, Tennoji is a terminal station of Hankai Uemachi Line.

This area also has terminal stations of Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, and JR Hanwa Line.

Several other JR lines and Subway Midosuji Line go through Tennoji.

However, Tennoji is the smallest shopping and entertainment area of the three.

In April this year, a new big shopping area is going to open on the west side of Hankai Uemachi Line.

On the east side of it, another construction is going on. Currently, Yokohama Landmark Tower in Yokohama is the tallest building in Japan.

In 2014, the tallest building in Japan will appear here.

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There is going to be “Tezukayama Festival” on 28th and 29th of August.

Where is this Festival taken place?

“Tezukayama” is known as a resident area with gorgeous houses and mansions. There are also fashionable stores and popular sweets shops.

The area “Tezykayama is dichotomized; Sumiyoshi-ku side, and Abeno-ku side with Nanko Dori Street.

This festival is mainly taken place on Abeno-ku side around Tezukayama Hospital.

Danjiri, a kind of float of Shinto, operated by local children, leaves Abeno Shrine at 2:00p.m..on 28th, and 10:00 p.m. on 29th, and they make the round for a couple of hours.

Stands and stalls opens at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, 28th. There are also some performances in the evening, and there is going to be Bon Dancing at 6 :00 p.m.


This Bon Dancing picture is the one which was taken at Shimizugaoka Elementary school last weekend.
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My favorite Soba Restaurant

It’s very hot. The weather forecast said it was going to get to 35 degrees, but I feel like it is 37 or 38 degrees.

When it’s very hot, I always feeling like eating cold soba.

Today, I really wanted to eat cold soba, so I went to my favorite soba restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is open only for the lunch time. It is very popular among locals.


(These are samples. Not real ones. These are made from wax. A kind of art, isn't it?)

There are a lot of dishes on the menu, I always order this:

Tempura Soba Teishoku, means tempura and soba combo.
The rice is ginger, shoso ( perilla), and sesame flavored, and it’s also good.

Soba Restaurant, “Yoshimura”
Open 11:00 am to 3:00 p.m. They take order until 2:30 p.m.
Closed on Sunday
8 or 9 minute walk from Himematsu Station of Hankai Uemachi Line
8 or 9 minutes walk from Nishitanabe Station of Subway Midosuji Line

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OK. I am going to show the inside of the sembei box.

Inside, the box is wrapped by another sheet of paper which lists a bunch of Osaka-ben, Osaka Dialect in a form of Sumo ranking list.

Unwrap, and open the box, and you can find. six bags... On each bag, there is a sight-seeing sight of Osaka: Kozu Shrine, Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka Castle, Naniwa Bridge, Hozenji Temple, and Sumiyoshi Shrine.

There are four pieces of sembei in each bag.

On each sembei, one Osaka-ben is written.

It is a pity that we have lost many Osaka-ben words because of the media, and easier access from and to everywhere in Japan.

Some of the words have been replaced to Standard kind of Japanese, but Osaka-ben’s unique intonation is still preserved. I think we have to preserve our language.

Here are some Osaka-ben words on sembei:

べっぴん beppinn
means a beautiful woman, girl. Noun. Nominal (for JSL learners *JSL=textbook, Japanese the Spoken Language)
Yoko is beautiful.
Yoko-san, kiree da ne. (Standard Japanese SJ)
Yoko-han, beppinn ya naa. (Osaka-ben, -han is not used so much anymore; "ya" is "da" in standard)


いちびり ichibiri, itibiri (JSL). Noun, Nominal.
means a person who likes to make fun , and tell jokes.

In English,
You like making fun of me.
You like making fun of everyone.
You like telling jokes.

In Osaka-ben,

I can't think of any replacement from standard Japanese.


けったいな kettai-na. Na-adjective, Na-nominal (JSL)
means strange.


It's strange.
Hen da ne. (SJ)
Kettai ya naa.(Osaka-ben)
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Good souvenir of Osaka

I had been looking for a good souvenir of Osaka, and I got an information of a handmade “Sembei” shop near Matsumushi Station of Hankai Uemachi Line.
A few minutes from Matsumushi Station, and maybe about 20 minute walk from Tennoji Station.

Sembei, in Osaka, is a round-shaped crunchy cracker type of snack. Many times, it is a cracker coated with soy sauce. In Osaka, I don’t know about other regions of Japan, sembei is not only round-shaped crunchy soy sauce rice cracker, but it can be round-shape, thin, sweet cracker made from eggs and flour. I am telling this because it seems the standard of Osaka is quite different from the one of other areas of Japan.


Anyway, here at Hayashi Seika Hondo, all sembeis are handmade. They are made of eggs, flour, honey, and baking soda. This factory and store has been existing there for about 70 years.

They have variety of sembei, and okaki.

This is a small working section inside the store.

There are tools hanging on the wall.

I got a smallest box of sembei for 1,050 yen. “Osaka-ben”, or Osaka Dialect is written on each sembei. It contains 24 pieces. Nicely wrapped.

Are you interested in the inside?

To be continued.
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Abeno Seimei (921~1005AD), an “onmyoji”, was an astronomer, and predictor for Kyoto Heian government.

Abeno Seimei is a popular character in movie and drama industry in Japan because of his mysterious knowledge.

He is said to be born in Abeno-ku, Osaka.


(It says that this is the birth place of Abeno Seimei)

There is “Seimei Shrine” in Kyoto, which Abeno Seimei is also enshrined, where he was active.

His birth place is now Abeno Seimei Shrine near Abe Oji Shrine on Kumano Road.

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