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カテゴリ:Sumiyoshi Shrine( 60 )

Sumiyoshi Odori

Sumiyoshi festival started yesterday, on July 30. This morning, I heard the sound of Sumiyoshi Odori, the traditional dancing of Sumiyoshi Shrine, on the street.
Children were dancing in a circle.

When I reached, the dancing finished. Oh, no.

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It’s hot. It’s really hot. It’s very hot.

Under this hot weather, I dropped by Sumiyoshi Shrine and went to “Shinme’s” hut. Shinme, (or Jinme) means god’s horse and it is a horse for god.

Not many shrines has Shinme, but Sumiyoshi Shrine does.


When I was a child, I thought Shinme was in this small place all the time. Actually it is here only during the time of major festivals. July is the month of the festival at Sumiyoshi Shrine and there is a big summer festival from July 30 to August 1 and there is a big parade on August 1.

This horse is cared at a remote spacious place most of the time, and I think it’s good.

This Shinme’s name is “Shirayuki”, and it means white snow. Shirayuki is a current Shimne, and was born in Hokkaido on May 18 in 1986, and was dedicated to Sumiyoshi Shrine on November 10 in the same year, 1986.

So Shirayuki is already 24 years old. This horse is old so it has to be taken good care of under this hot weather. There seems to be several people who are taking care of Shirayuki.

This is the picture when Shirayuki was young.

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Rice Planting Festival 2010 #2

It was amazing. The Rice Planting Festival of Sumiyoshi Shrine was incredible. Local people say this is a festival, but actually, it is a religious ritual. It is sacred. Now I am very proud of my hometown because this ritual has been inherited by our ancestors for about 1800 years, although the form of the ritual is not necessarily the same

The ritual started at 1:00 and ended at 4:00 p.m. I got there about 2:00 and left at around 3:20.

Here are video clips from the Rice Planting Festival:

8 women’s dancing:

A sacred ox that finished helping plow is marching around:

Dance Dedication by a woman:

A samurai is marching:

More samurais are marching:

Kids soldiers, Genji and Heishi are going to fight:

Kids soldiers are fighting:

Rice Planting Dancing:

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Rice Planting Festival 2010 #1

It is said Empress Jingu (170-269 AD) ordered to start Rice Planting Festival.

Here are some pictures I took at Sumiyoshi Shrine today.

While rice is being planted, several different dances are dedicated.



To be continued
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2 years ago, I happened to see the beginning of rice planting festival when I was commuting. It's a shame I did not know much about this festival though I live in Sumiyoshi.

Rice Planting Festival, or Otaue Matsuri is held on June 14 every year. It starts at 1 p.m.here, at the rice field of the precinct.

The shines are national treasures and many are designeated as "important cultural property" here.


When there isn't a festival, it is very quiet.
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Deutzia Garden of Sumiyoshi Shrine is open until May 31 between 10 am and 4 pm. This garden called “Unohana-En is open only for a limited period of time.

U of Unohana means a rabbit. There is a rabbit and a poem at the entrance of the garden.

Deutzias are not as gorgeous as Azaleas, but they look cozy in small Japanese style garden.

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Sumo Practice

On the north part of Sumiyoshi Shrine, a sumo ring was made a few years ago. Since then, a stable, “heya”, a group of sumo wrestler live around here and practice sumo during the Osaka Tournament every spring. It is going to start on March 15th and end on 29th this year.

This morning, I found a flock of people around the ring.

Usually, it is covered with the tent, but this morning, their practice was open to public. They are ready for the tournament!

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It’s a beautiful day today! Today, November 15 is the day of Shichi-Go-San. Shichi-Go-San means 7-5-3, and children of ages of seven, five and three years old are celebrated their growth, and their future development. They go to Shrine to worship.

As you know, I often go to work going through Sumiyoshi Shrine to breathe oxygen from trees. Well, I can hardly find nature that I can enjoy in my neighborhood besides Sumiyoshi Shrine, and few other places.

There are more vendors than usual.

This family is with Shinto Priest.




Parents like to take pictures.

Of course, they go to worship afterwards.

The Shrines are beyond this bridge, and some of the buildings here are national treasures.
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One day in July, a white horse was wandering in Sumiyoshi shrine in Osaka City!

Well, this white horse belongs to Sumiyoshi Shrine, and usually he (or she) is kept away from this shrine, because of there is only a small space for him (or her). Around the time of important events, this horse seems to come back to the shrine, and is put into the very tiny stables. So he ( or she) needs to be outside and be well taken care of.

This white horse was here for Summer Festival called Sumiyoshi Matsuri, one of the three biggest summer festivals in Osaka, which is annually held from July 30 to August 1.

When I was a child, I liked to see the parade and see the white horse. He (or she) must be a different white horse from the one that I used to see!

This photo was taken just outside of the shrine during Sumiyoshi Matsuri. Yukata, Japanese summer kimono is very popular to go to summer festivals.
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Rice Planting Festival

The city of Osaka doesn’t have so much green area and many trees, and it is dense. I always feel that I want to escape from this ugly place. Mandai- Ike Pond and Sumiyoshi Shrine are the two places where I can access easily to feel the nature.

When I went through Sumiyoshi Shrine on June 14, I happened to see the parade. I like to go to this shrine to meet the nature from the ancient time, not because of religious reason, so I didn’t know what this parade was for. Later, I knew this parade is for Otaue- Matsuri, an annual festival to wish rich harvest of rice. They plant rice at the small rice field of the shrine.

Special dancing is also dedicated for this festival.


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