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Each year, NHK broadcasts one hour drama about historically famous person.
This year, Sanada Nobushige, known as Sanada Yukimura is the main character.
The name of the drama is “Sanada-maru”; it’s something like “Fort Sanada”



The stronghold was around Sanko Shrine, near JR and Subway "Tamatsukuri" Stations.

Sanada Yukimura was on Toyotomi side.
Toyotomi completely lost in the Osaka Summer War in 1615. Tokugawa won and Tokogawa Family’s era continued until 1868.
He is admired as a hero.

This is Sanada Yukimura.


Because of the drama, many people from all over Japan are visiting this shrine.

It is said that this used to be a secret tunnel to Osaka Castle.


It says this year, on November 6th, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m, there is ”Sanada Festival" Usually it is held on the first Sunday of November, but this year is special

Cherry blossoms in Osaka have just started to bloom.




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This is the new Glico Billboard.

What's new about it?

Well, the color changes at night.

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Glico Billboard in Dotombori

Until a few weeks ago, Glico Billboard in Dotombori, a symbol of Dotonbori was like this:

Then all of a sudden, it was covered with the screen.

Now it's like this:

It's the painting of an actress, Haruka Ayase.

New version is coming soon.



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Yuki Saryo has moved to the first floor (the ground floor) of Namba City South Building in 2016.

It’s very healthy and convenient. I like organic food, but it is hard to find in the southern part of Osaka.

Yuki Saryo by Solviva, (有機茶寮 by Solviva) offers Japanese fast food, such as brown-rice balls, soup, curry and rice ( if you considered it’s Japanese), and some desserts and soft drinks. which is on the second floor in Namba City.

My favorite menu is this.

It’s called “Mampuku-jiru Teishoku”. It’s the combo of miso soup with vegetable, mainly roots, two brown-rice balls. You can choose two kinds. If you are a vegan, choose the ones such as walnut, plum, and so on. At the counter, there is English explanation for the ingredients of brown-ice balls.

When the weather is nice, you can eat outside.

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One of The experiences that many of Osakans go through is going through the busy stations filled with people.

I take Kintetsu Like once a week, and then, I have to go through Namba stations where Kintetsu Line, Subway lines, and Nankai Lines get together.

I took these photos at around 6:30 p.m around subway Namba station which is between Kintetsu Namba Station and Nankai Namba station.

People, People, and People!

Be careful! Those people walk so fast.

The Namba Station of subway Midosuji Line is under construction now, and it makes this station inconvenient.

When will the construction be over? Maybe next year, or the next year.

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I’ve been busier than before, so I don’t have enough time to go sightseeing.

Today, I will show you “not so uncommon place” where Osaka citizen living in the south part of Osaka City go.

It’s Namba City and Takashimaya Department Store.

I hate to go out on Sunday because there are so many people.
I had to buy some food in Namba.


Yeah, there are many people.

Interesting display by Yayoi Kusama.

I like the display of this flower shop.


Oh! Christmas is coming soon!

Yeah, Christmas is coming!

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Dotonbori at night

Dotonbori is famous for its night view.
It's .....flashy.

Thhis photo is what I took last month.
Wow! Peple were wearing T-shirt!
It was very warm and even hot in October.

It's November now, and it's cold. We need coat.
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Pancake at Brother's Cafe

I had been wanting to eat good pancake for a long time.

I heard “Brother’s Café” is famous for its pancakes so I had “snack” there when I was around Namba.


Inside, it’s very bright, especially on a sunny day.

I had “French” pancake. I guess it’s between French toast and pancake, which means pancake with lots of eggs, maybe.

I had coffee too.

Very Good, if you don’t mind waiting for a long time.

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I introduced Karahori before. It’s in the center of the city near Osaka Castle, but it’s the place which still keeps the old atmosphere.

In Karahori, there are some of the old Japanese style buildings which are now shopping complex.

One of the buildings is “Ren”.

In there, there is my favorite chocolate store, in French, it may be chocolatier, "Ek Chuah".

There is a cafe inside, too.

The building is Japanese style, but inside, there are many Western style pictures, and they match to this place pretty well.

In a hot day, it is very nice to have their chocolate parfait with icecream in it.

Yeah, after the rainy season is over, it’s been extremely hot !

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Semba Shinsaibashi Street


Shinsaibashi Street is a modern shopping street, which is popular among tourists.

There is another Shinsaibashi street across Nagahori Street.

This area is a part of “Semba”. Semba used to have a big market of textile and clothing wholesalers, and still, there are a lot.

It still has retro “showa” atmosphere.

The woolen yarn shop



This shop sells tags.

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