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Osaka Illumination Festival

I went to Osaka Illumination Festival in Nakanoshima, Osaka. It’s called “Osaka Hikari no Renaissance”.

Nakanoshima is downtown, Osaka. There is Osaka City Hall, and some old Western style buildings are well preserved. This is a picture of Bank of Japan.

I read the newspaper article about this festival, and I wondered what it was like.

There is a big Christmas tree called “The World Linking Tree” in front of City Hall, which was sent from Norway.

Here is a video of “Nakanoshima Illumination Street” with Gloria Estephan’s music. This kind of show is presented every 30 minutes between 5:00pm and 9:00.

This festival is held until the Christmas day, December 25. Most Japanese people perceive Christmas as an opportunity for an exciting party, or a romantic date rather than a religious event.

According to the newspaper, there seem to be silent and peaceful “attractions” other than this flashy one. For your information, I uploaded the maps.


①Silent Night Sand Fantasy
②Marche de lumier
④West Light Park Illumination
⑤“The Tale of Genji Illumination” presented by Osaka Art Institute
⑥The World Linking Tree
⑦Nakanoshima Illumination Street
⑧Wall Tapestry
⑨Reverside Park
⑩Immumination Jewlry
⑪Touch the Light
⑫Ecola(?) Ornament
⑬Starlight Illumination
⑭Cristal Arch
⑮River Light Curtain
(I just changed most of them from Katakana form to English words)

You can also go to this website: http://www.hikari-renaissance.com/mt/
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