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by berry-raspberry

The Golden Portable Shrine crossing the River at Sumiyoshi Festival

Sumiyoshi Festival is held from July 30th to August 1st every year, and August 1st is the final day.

On the 1st of August, the big parade takes place.

It starts from Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine to Shukuin, the branch shrine of Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine in Sakai City, and it’s about 4.6 km long.

The biggest event is the portable shrine crossing in the Yamato River.

This year, the portable shrine got renewed and got really shiny and golden than ever.


The portable shrine arrived.


The samurai soldiers arrived.


They triggered their matchlock guns.


Osaka side people carried the portable shrine to the river.


In the middle of the river, Sakai side people took over and carried to Shukuin, the branch shrine of Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.
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