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by berry-raspberry

A restaurant in mountain valley


In Osaka, there is a restaurant in the mountain valley.

They are open for lunch time, and tea time after 2 o’clock.
The name of the restaurant is “Hanana”, and it is in Izumi City, the southeast part of Osaka Prefecture.

It’s not far from the center city.

Well, you need a car to get there though.

They serve vegetables grown in their garden.
They are organic.
I had tempura, and I love tempura.

The owner is originally a lumberjack.

They even have kilns where they use firewood.

They bake bread in there.
I bought some and it’s the most delicious bread I have ever had!

So nice, and I felt like I had gone to some resort place,,,, just for lunch time.

Great place to feel the nature.

97-1 Harukigawa-cho, Izumi, Osaka
Phone number: 0725-54-3088

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This was a great article!
I really enjoyed reading it.
Keep up the good work! ^_^

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Thank you, Jason7.
I will (^o^)