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Oribe-Doro, Crypt Christian's Garden Lantern in Honju-ji Temple

Last weekend, there was an event in Sakai City, which showed the valuable stuff the temples and shrines possess twice a year.

I have been to this event before. Each time, the things they show is different.

This time, Honju-ji Temple was open. Not inside of the building, but they showed “Oribe-Doro”, which means Oribe’s garden lantern.

Furuta Oribe is one of the masters of tea ceremony, whose teacher was Sen no Rikyu, and he lived from 1544 to 1615.

I introduced the lantern of Crypt-Christians in Nanshu-ji Temple in Sakai City, and that lantern was also Oribe-Doro.

These couple of years, my theme of this blog is becoming like “Japanese and Christianity”. I am the one who assumes that Christianity was brought to Japan 1300 or 1400 years ago, and the reason that there were so many Catholic Christians in Azuchi Momoyama Era, just before Edo Period was Japanese have had Christian basis.

Anyway, Christianity was banned in Edo Period, and this Oribe’s Lantern was created to worship Jesus, (see the bottom of the lantern)

or Jesus and Mary which are often seen in Catholic Churches.(See Oribe‘s Lantern in Nanshu-ji Temple)

Oribe’s Lanterns were usually placed near tea rooms for tea ceremony.

(There are shapes of the sun and the moon, which is said, a sign of Christianiy.)

Some people say, there were probablysome people who did tea ceremony as an actually Christian ritual, Holy Communion.

I think Japanese history is mysterious and interesting if you see off mainstream.
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