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Kishiwada City and NHK drama "Carnation"

In southern part of Osaka Prefecture, there is a city called Kishiwada.

People here are crazy about their festival, “Danjiri” held in the middle of September, which people living outside of southern part of saka Prefecture don’t understand.

Anyway, there is a small castle in Kishiwada City. It is not as big as Osaka Castle, of course, but it really is a castle.

Next to Kishiwada Castle, there is a Japanese restaurant which used to be super rich family's house and garden.

What made Kishiwada famous was the NHK drama series, “Carnation” which had been broadcast from last September to this March.

It was the story about the fashion designer, Ayako Koshino, who is a mother of world-wide known Hiroko, Junko, and Michiko Koshinos. She was from Kishiwada City.

This street was shot in the drama.

This is the store Ayako Koshino actually ran.

There is even a small museum of “Carnation”.

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