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Kaiko no Yashiro Shrine in Uzumasa, Kyoto

I introduced Koryuji Temple in the previous article. The origin of this temple is actually not sure, but it is sure that Hata family started this temple.

Some scholars say Koyuji did not started as a Buddhist temple but started as a Shinto shrine.

As a matter of fact, there is a Shinto shrine that is said that Hata family started near Koryuji Temple.

It’s called Kaiko no Yashiro. Kaiko means silkworm, and Yashiro means shrine.
It is clear that Toraijin brought technology of textile.

But its official name is “Konoshima ni masu Amateru Mikami Jinja”. It sounds like “Amaterasu Omikami is in this island.” , but I'm not sure.

Anyway, in Kaiko no Yashiro, there is a peculiar object.
Torii, the gate of the shrine is like this, and usually, it’s at the entrance.

Look at this.

This place is a pond, and there should be water in here, but the water supply was stopped on this day, I don't know when it's open.

The explanation board says there is a theory that this is originated from the Nestorius sect of Christianity, which was brought about 1,300 years ago.

If the theory is correct, the object represents Trinity.

And this is a Christian shrine, temple, or church.

This is the pond for purification. In Christian term, for baptism?

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