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by berry-raspberry

Kitabatake Family and Abeno Shrine

Sumiyoshi was a town of Southern Court in 14th century. In Southern Part of Abeno-ku bordering Sumiyoshi-ku, there is a town named “Kitabatake”.

I think Kitabatake is the most sophisticated residential area in Osaka City now. It is on Uemachi Plateau, and I think the slopes make the landscape and gorgeous houses more sophisticated.

Kitabatake is the family name whose members were court nobles.

There is Abeno Shrine in Kitabatake.

Kitabatake Chikafusa and and his son, Kitabatake Akiie are enshrined. They served Southern Court Emperors Go-Daigo and Go-Murakami diligently when they were against Northern Court.

Abeno Shrine is a new shrine which was founded in 1875 after Meiji Restoration, as commemoration of the service to get the power back.

There is a garden. It was closed on this day, so I peeked.

Next to Abeno Shrine, there is Hataage Inari Shrine. It is like petit Fushimi Inari.

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