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by berry-raspberry

Shihatsu-michi, Sumiyoshi Road


On June 17, last year, I introduced Sumiyoshi Road as an approach for pilgrimage to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.


(A liquor store which has vending machines)

I have found possible historical evidence. It has not perfectly proven yet, but it is very probable fact; the Road “Shihatsu-michi” existed in 5th century, and this Sumiyoshi Road is the starting area.

(Sumiyoshi Community Center)

In 5th century, Suminoe-tsu, or Suminoe Port, which is now in front of Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, was a very international port where people and immigrants coming from the continent arrived, and they used this road to the Imperial Court in Asuka in Nara Prefecture.

(Shogon Jode Temple founded in 1084)


(Kinoshita Family's House)

Shihatsu-michi went straight to Asuka, and it was like a highway. Nagai Koen-dori (Nagai Park Street) has remnant of those days.

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