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by berry-raspberry

Today’s Lunch from Yaroku

I felt like I go to the soba restaurant too often, so I decided to eat famous Korokke (croquette) of Yaroku for lunch.

Yaroku is a restaurant that serves good Korokke, located near Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine. It is famous but I had never tried yet.

They have a branch shop for takeout so I started from their lunch box, o-bento.


Their specialty is Tamago Korokke (egg croquette). I was so hungry that I got 945yen lunch combo C (C Bento), which contains Tamago Korokke, pork cutlet, salad, and rice.


Outside the Korokke is crunchy, and the inside is creamy.

You can buy a piece of Tamago Korokke for 199 yen.

by berry-raspberry | 2011-02-10 20:18 | Osaka City-Sumiyoshi | Comments(0)