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by berry-raspberry

Tennnoji Area is going to CHANGE

I’ve been telling the change in Umeda-JR Osaka Station area a lot.

But the change in Tennoji area is going to be much much bigger.

In Osaka City, there’re supposed to be three major shopping and entertainment areas: Umeda-JR Osaka Station area (we call it “Kita”), Namba-Shinsaibashi Area (we call it “Minami”, and Tennoji area.

You know, Tennoji is a terminal station of Hankai Uemachi Line.

This area also has terminal stations of Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, and JR Hanwa Line.

Several other JR lines and Subway Midosuji Line go through Tennoji.

However, Tennoji is the smallest shopping and entertainment area of the three.

In April this year, a new big shopping area is going to open on the west side of Hankai Uemachi Line.

On the east side of it, another construction is going on. Currently, Yokohama Landmark Tower in Yokohama is the tallest building in Japan.

In 2014, the tallest building in Japan will appear here.

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