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Gokuraku Temple and the town of Oriono, on and off Kumano Road

In the southernmost area of Kumano Road in Osaka City, there is a town called Oriono.

According to Wikipedia, this town already existed in 6th century.

Since ancient time, rapeseed oil had been produced up until Meiji Era.

The oil had been dedicated to the Imperial Court until the time Kyoto started to produce.

Even so, I hear the oil was dedicated to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, and it was sold quite well to the public and the town had been prosperous.

Oriono has a long history.

There is a temple, Gokuraku Temple on Kumano Road.

Inside, there is a statue of “Bishamonten”, in Sanskrit, it’s Vaiśravaṇa.
It is said Prince Shotoku (574-622) made it.

There is a big camphor tree that Kusunoki Masashige (1294-1336) planted.


The Statue standing just outside of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo is him, Kusunoki Masashige.

When Japan was governed by Northern and Southern Courts, he fought for Emperor Godaigo of Southern Court.

Around Gokuraku Temple, on and off Kumano Road, you can find houses with storehouses and good old atmosphere, and this town was prosperous.

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