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by berry-raspberry

Aishu Kindergarten and Tekijuku, old buildings downtown Osaka

In Kitahama – Semba area, downtown Osaka, there are quite a few old buildings are remained, and there are two distinctive old Japanese buildings surrounded by high-rise buildings.

One is Aishu Kindergarten.
This kindergarten was founded in 1880, and it has been a public kindergarten, run by Osaka City.

The other building is Tekijuku. A physician, Ogata Koan established the school, “Tekijuku” in 1838 to teach western medicine. It cultivated a lot of notable people who dedicated for the development of Japan from the end of Edo Period to Meiji Era. One of the students was Fukuzawa Yukichi, a founder of Keio University in Tokyo, and a face on 10,000 yen bill.

Tekijuku is closed until March next year for maintenance. Otherwise you can see inside.

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