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I missed the ritual that I wanted to go to

I was totally ignorant about the culture of my country when I started to this blog. I started to research as much as possible since the day I realized I was ignorant. Now every time I research, I realize there are a lot more things I still don’t know.

I have decided to try to go to the places as far as the time allows.

Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine is close to where I live.

I wanted to go to “Takarano Ichi”, the rice harvest ritual. I had terrible allergy. Too terrible to go out. So I stayed home. But what is this weather? It doesn’t get cooler. It is still like summer.

When I went to the rice field on later day, the rice was all reaped.


The first crops are dedicated to Jingu. Jingu means Ise Jingu, Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture. Ise Jingu is the highest of all.

There is “Ise Jingu Yohai-sho” in Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.

I wanted to know how the ritural is proceeded. Maybe next year.

It is the place to worship “Amaterasu Omikami” of Ise Grand Shrine from the distance. Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine's three gods and Amaterasu Omikami are siblings. They have the same parent, Izanagi.

Amaterasu Omikami’s “go-shintai” is Yatano Kagami, Yata’s mirror.

Separate to this harvest ritual, at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, there is “Niiname Festival” on November 23. It is the festival to give thanksgiving for the harvest.

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