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by berry-raspberry

Nankun-sha and other 3 shrines and Hattatsu-san Festival


Under a huge camphor tree, there is Nankun-sha. This shrine is for development and safety.


There is a monthly festival called “Hattatsu-san” at four branch shrines in Sumiyoshi Shrine. Many people worship at the four shrines: this Nankun-sha, Tanekashi-sha, Ohtoshi-sha, and Asazawa-sha. Every month, there is a small festival at Sumiyoshi-shrine.

Hattatu means the first day of the dragon of each month. You know, each year has its name of the zodiac. Each day, as well, has its name of the zodiac. It is the calendar that people used to use.

Next hattatsu, the first day of the dragon, is the 9th day of October. It is also the first day of Sumiyoshi Expo. There should be a lot of people.

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