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by berry-raspberry

Issun-Boshi Event at Arare Matsubara Park


Even at a small park like Arare Matsubara Park, there is going to an event on Sunday, October 10 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The illustration on the poster is Issun-boshi, who appears in an old fairy tale. An old couple, who could not have a child, prayed for a baby at Sumiyoshi Shrine, and they were given Issun- boshi. Issun is about 3 cm, a little more than an inch.

Around Arare Matsubara Park, a town of Anryu, is Issun-boshi's hometown.

You can experience an old-style picture-story show about Issun-boshi at this event (in Japanese)!

Also there are many music performances, Hula, and Japanese folk dance.

Arare Matsubara Park is about 5 minute walk from Anryu-machi Station of Hankai Line, 5 minute walk from Suminoe Station of Nankai Main Line.
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