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by berry-raspberry

Juice Stand and "Mix Juice" in Osaka

In hot summer like these days in Osaka, when I am around Minami (Namba, Shinsaibashi area), and when I don’t have much time, I like to stop by at a juice stand located in the basement of a department. Every department store has a juice stand.

This is a juice stand of Takashimaya Department store in Namba:

This is a juice stand of Daimaru Department Store in Shisaibashi:

I like to have mixed fruits juice.

By the way, in Osaka, mixed fruits juice is called “mix juice”, pronounced as “mikkusu juusu”. Fruits like bananas, peaches, oranges are blended. As a matter of a fact, “mix juice” is Osaka’s specialty.

There is even canned “mix juice”. They label this product “mikkuchu juuchu”, which is mistakenly pronounced.

(White cans are "mix juice", The yellow ones are "hiyashiame". I love hiyashiame too! Hiyashiame is a sweet drink with ginger.)

If you are in Osaka, I recommend to have fresh “mix juice”, but I think it’s good as a souvenir!

This is Osaka’s souvenir shop, “Ichibiriya” in Sennnichi Mae.

They have several stores in Minami (Namba, Shinsaibashi area), and have variety of products.

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