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by berry-raspberry

Sumiyoshi Festival ~ Mikoshi is crossing the Yamato River

This old style of carrying Mikoshi, a portable shrine, had been ceased for several decades, but it revived in 2005.


With Hankai Densha (Tram)

Mikoshi is taken over from Osaka City side to Sakai City side in the middle of Yamato River.

Performace by Sakai City side people:

Mikoshi went to Sakai City Side, and the parade went on until they get to Branch Shrine of Sumiyoshi Shrine in Sakai City.

When they carry Mikoshi, people say “Wasshoi”, or “Essa”. They don’t make any sense in Japanese, but a few people say, they are comprehensible in old Hebrew. But here, at Sumiyoshi Shrine’s parade, they say “Beera”. It doesn’t make any sense, either. Maybe, it also might be comprehensible in some other language…..

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