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Terraced Houses built in early Showa Era

“Terraced house”. It’s definitely sounds better than “row house”.

In southern part of Osaka City, in Nishi-Suminoe, southeastern part of Suminoe-ku, there are terraced houses built 70 or 80 years ago.

In southwestern part of Sumiyoshi-ku, which is next to southeastern part of Suminoe-ku, there are some terraced houses built at the same age, but they are renovated and are not as well preserved as the ones in Suminoe.

This terraced house is amazingly well-preserved. It appears exactly like the way it used to be.

Other terraced houses in Nishisuminoe:



“Western” style terraced house which has balcony:

A few minute walk from Suminoe Station of Nankai Main Line
7 or 8 minute walk from Abikomichi Station of Hankai Line
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