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Good Souvenir of Osaka~ Osaka-ben Sembei

OK. I am going to show the inside of the sembei box.

Inside, the box is wrapped by another sheet of paper which lists a bunch of Osaka-ben, Osaka Dialect in a form of Sumo ranking list.

Unwrap, and open the box, and you can find. six bags... On each bag, there is a sight-seeing sight of Osaka: Kozu Shrine, Tsutenkaku Tower, Osaka Castle, Naniwa Bridge, Hozenji Temple, and Sumiyoshi Shrine.

There are four pieces of sembei in each bag.

On each sembei, one Osaka-ben is written.

It is a pity that we have lost many Osaka-ben words because of the media, and easier access from and to everywhere in Japan.

Some of the words have been replaced to Standard kind of Japanese, but Osaka-ben’s unique intonation is still preserved. I think we have to preserve our language.

Here are some Osaka-ben words on sembei:

べっぴん beppinn
means a beautiful woman, girl. Noun. Nominal (for JSL learners *JSL=textbook, Japanese the Spoken Language)
Yoko is beautiful.
Yoko-san, kiree da ne. (Standard Japanese SJ)
Yoko-han, beppinn ya naa. (Osaka-ben, -han is not used so much anymore; "ya" is "da" in standard)


いちびり ichibiri, itibiri (JSL). Noun, Nominal.
means a person who likes to make fun , and tell jokes.

In English,
You like making fun of me.
You like making fun of everyone.
You like telling jokes.

In Osaka-ben,

I can't think of any replacement from standard Japanese.


けったいな kettai-na. Na-adjective, Na-nominal (JSL)
means strange.


It's strange.
Hen da ne. (SJ)
Kettai ya naa.(Osaka-ben)
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