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Hankai Tram Route Map

Here’s a map of Hankai Densha (Hankai Tram)

It goes from Osaka City to Sakai City. There are Hankai Line from Ebisu-cho, and Uemachi Line from Tennoji Ekimae Station, and they connects at Sumiyoshi Station when you go down toward Sakai City.

There are some stations connected well to subway and other transportation

Osaka City
*Tennnoji Ekimae Station (Uemachi Line)
Tennnoji Station
Subway Midosuji (red) Line, Subway Tanimaci (purple),
JR Loop Line, JR Hanwa Line, JR Yamatoji Line
Abenobashi Station
Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line

* Abeno Station (Uemachi Line)
Abeno Station
Subway Tanimachi (purple) Line

* Ebisu-cho Station (Hankan Line)
Ebisu-cho Station
Subway Sakaisuji (brown) Line

*Minami Kasumi-cho Station (Hankai Line)
Dobutsuen Mae Station
Subway Midosuji (red) Line, Subway Sakaisuji (brown) Line
Shin Imamiya Station
JR Loop Line, JR Yamatoji Line
Nankai Main Line, Nankai Koya Line

* Tsukanishi Station (Hankai Line)
Tamade Station
Subway Yotsubashi (blue) Line

* Tezukayama 3-chome Station (Uemachi Line)
Tezukayama Station
Nankai Koya Line

* Kaminoki Station ( Uemachi Line)
Sumiyoshi Higashi Station
Nankai Koya Line

* Sumiyoshi Toriimae Stataion (Hankai Line)
* Sumiyoshi Koen Station ( Uemachi Line)
Sumiyoshi Taisha Station
Nankai Main Line

Sakai City
*Oshoji Station ( Hankai Line)
Sakai Station
Nankai Main Line

* Hamadera Ekimae Sation (Hankai Line)
Hamadera Koen Sation
Nankai Main Line


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