Hi! I'm Miyuki, a Japanese woman from Osaka, Japan. This blog is mainly about the introduction of places, events, and various stuff in southern part of Osaka City, Osaka, Kansai, and Japan

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Glico Billboard in Dotombori

Until a few weeks ago, Glico Billboard in Dotombori, a symbol of Dotonbori was like this:

Then all of a sudden, it was covered with the screen.

Now it's like this:

It's the painting of an actress, Haruka Ayase.

New version is coming soon.


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About a week ago, I went to Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine just to walk around.

Then I happened to see the wedding.

I have seen some brides and grooms but this was my first time that I actually saw the wedding ceremony at Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine.

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Taga Shrine

In Kojiki, the oldest Japanese history book filled with myths, the deities Izanagi and Izanami created the lands of Japan, and bore lots of deities that are enshrined all over Japan.

Taga Shrine enshrines Izanagi and Izanami.

There are the photos I took on March 21st.

There are some buildings from Edo era too.

Taga-cho is in Shiga Prefecture, next to Hikone City.

Just across from the shrine, there is a quaint street of souvenir shops.

Itokiri-mochi, a kind of sweets is their specialty.

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Next to Abiko Kannon Temple

Looks like somewhere in Kyoto, but it is in Osaka City.

I guess this is the property of Abiko Kannon Temple.

The apartment building makse the photo the one taken in Osaka.

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It’s very healthy and convenient. I like organic food, but it is hard to find in the southern part of Osaka.

Yuki Saryo by Solviva, (有機茶寮 by Solviva) offers Japanese fast food, such as brown-rice balls, soup, curry and rice ( if you considered it’s Japanese), and some desserts and soft drinks. which is on the second floor in Namba City.

My favorite menu is this.

It’s called “Mampuku-jiru Teishoku”. It’s the combo of miso soup with vegetable, mainly roots, two brown-rice balls. You can choose two kinds. If you are a vegan, choose the ones such as walnut, plum, and so on. At the counter, there is English explanation for the ingredients of brown-ice balls.

When the weather is nice, you can eat outside.

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Snow in Osaka

It was very snowy in Osaka today, as well as in Tokyo. Tokyo has more snow today.
Big cities like Tokyo, and Osaka have trouble especially with transportation when it snows. We are not used to snow.

In the weather like this, Hankai tram was out of service almost all day today....

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Snow in Tokyo

The next day I went to Tokyo Dome, which is yesterday, Tokyo had a lot of snow.

It is rare that Tokyo has this much of snow.

In the weather like this, Shinkansen is far better than planes.
Most of he flights from Tokyo cancelled, but Shinkansen never cancelled, even though there was delay.

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